Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review: Coastal Scents camo quads

I ordered two of the camo quads from Coastal Scents and I received them today.

I was umming and ahhing about getting these b/c they're so cheap & I thought anything that cheap would basically be crap. But thats kinda the same reason I bought them b/c they're only $7.95 each so if they are really bad I'll just keep them as back up concealers.
I'm glad to say that they're not going to sit in the back of my cupboard b/c they're amazing!

I also got a free sample of a really pretty eyeshadow.

Now for the the camo quads.
So this quad is perfect for any light skin tone. It comes with a a white colour so you can mix it with any of the other three colours to make the perfect match for your skin tone. The consistency of this is amazing its so creamy and blendable, it just blends right into your skin.

I really like this quad I've used the green and it conceals my red cheecks really well, I also used the the yellow in my huge gross blue bags, but for the purple and the blue I haven't used them yet and I'm not sure what to use them for =)
So there you have it, hope this was helpful and you enjoyed it.

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