Monday, April 5, 2010

Sugarpill Cosmetics review

Hi kiddies,,
So I went to my mailbox this morning to find a lovely package waiting for me. 
First off I was a bit hesitant at how big the package was only b/c I ordered two things and I thought they would be sliding around in there and no one wants that.
But its all good b/c she packed my items so well there was no way there would be any broken products.
 There was so much pink tissue paper in there I'm set for life.
The packaging the palette comes in is beautiful! I absolutely love the design and how much effort shes put into this. Everything looks so professional and detailed.

  I also got a few free goodies with my purchase, Shrinkles business card, Sugarpill business card & an uber glittery Sugarpill sticker!

 Now on to the eyeshadows,,,, so I got two palettes which all up includes all of the pressed eyeshadow colours except the black but I don't really need another black.
As you can see these two palettes are super bright and have some really gorgeous colours

MATTE: dollipop, tako, flamepoint, buttercupcake
SHIMMER: afterparty, midori, love+ poison plum

So I am definately going to purchase from her again,,, and when I do I'll post more swatches.
Hope you enjoyed! =)

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  1. I love those colors, they're so bright! I truly need to get some Sugarpills stuff...