Monday, April 5, 2010

Illamasqua Review

Wowzers it has been so long since I've posted!!
This is for JessikaMarie23 of youtube. =)

I got these four items from Illamasqua a while ago but its about time I posted something so I thoughtI would start with this
Overall Illamasqua is a pretty rad brand, good postage price (I cannot stand when the postage is hella expensive), good delivery time, fair product prices, great range, just really good overall.

So the whole reason I ordered off this site in the first place was b/c I was looking for an amazing liquid foundation that was full coverage, long lasting & the perfect colour.(2/3 isn't bad, right?) 
So the rich liquid foundation has amazing staying power & is definately full coverage but if your a special type of pale like me(not quite paper white but not quite normal person pale) then your either going to get a foundation thats a bit too dark or a bit too light. But if you're willing to buy both the pale skin tone foundation and the white foundation(to mix them) then do it b/c its totally worth it.

I love these lipsticks, they're matte, pigmented, not drying, long lasting & they don't taste bad if you accidently lick your lips whilst wearing them. I only purchased two of the colours.
CORRUPT:  hot pink
BRINK: bright peach
Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Thanks! I am trying to figure out which blushes and lipsticks to oder online, but the colors don't translate well from the swatches.

    - JessikaMarie23 on youtube

  2. If I was you I'd just try and look for as many reviews as I can on youtube(thats what I always do) =)
    But I hope this helped