Monday, January 11, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes swatches(shadows and glitters)

For christmas I got a couple more eyeshadows from Glamour Doll Eyes that only arrived a few days ago so i thought I would post swatches for them along with the swatches of the eyelights(glitters) that i own.  

With Flash

Without Flash

The shadows in their containers

Pinky Swear: beautiful darkish pink colour

Shaded Orchid:Dark purple, it has a golden shimmer on my skin

Electric Lemonade: gorgeous vibrant yellow with a nice sheen


Without Flash

In the container
DITZY: pink

RAVE: purple

HOLLYWOOD: silver with multicoloured reflects

GOODY BALM (lip balm)

LEG WARMERS: smells like bubble gum(purple)

LACE GLOVES: smells like coconut ice(yellow)

NEON LIGHTS: smells like peppermint(green)

hope you liked it(if anyone watched this)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes swatches

Hi everyone,
When i checked my mailbox this morning
there were two packages waiting for me and one was from 'glamour doll eyes'
I ordered this on December 7th and was so excited to see that i received the order so soon...
I'm actually posting these swatches b/c before ordering from glamour doll eyes i looked everywhere to find some good swatches of the colours i wanted.... Mingles (matte blue) and strawberry cupcake (gorgeous shimmery pink) were the hardest to find good swatches of so i thought I'd do my own....
Hope you enjoy.

(they're labeled for you)
Without flash
(and yes i am wearing pajama pants haha)

With FlashEach colour in the container :)(all without flash)

Katies Storm: a shimmery silvery but on my skin it has a greeny grey look to it.

Glam Girl: My favorite purple ever(it doesnt look that good in the photos but it is so bright and it has a very silky feel to it.

Mingles: i was a bit disapointed b/c its quite hard to work with(some mattes are) but the colour is so beautiful and bright.

Immature: shimmery bright green, it is gorgeous (and i dont even like greens)

Strawberry Cupcake: it is velvety soft.. its bright pink with a bit of orange to it... gorgeous!

Galaxy: its matte black with pink glitter in it(i think) but the glitter doesnt show up on my skin but it goes on so smooth (so i still love it).

Ladies Night: matte black with aqua glitter, the glitter shows up but not as much as i wish it did..

Eye Lights(glitter)

Hollywood: holographic glitter( like a disco ball)

Rave: purple glittery glitter (loves it!!)

Thanks guys hope you liked it. xx

Hi anybody

Hi there everyone
My name is Adelaide,,,,, this is my first ever blog.
this is only short b/c I'm just about to post some 'glamour doll eye' swatches

thanks for reading and
have a great new year!!!