Monday, January 4, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes swatches

Hi everyone,
When i checked my mailbox this morning
there were two packages waiting for me and one was from 'glamour doll eyes'
I ordered this on December 7th and was so excited to see that i received the order so soon...
I'm actually posting these swatches b/c before ordering from glamour doll eyes i looked everywhere to find some good swatches of the colours i wanted.... Mingles (matte blue) and strawberry cupcake (gorgeous shimmery pink) were the hardest to find good swatches of so i thought I'd do my own....
Hope you enjoy.

(they're labeled for you)
Without flash
(and yes i am wearing pajama pants haha)

With FlashEach colour in the container :)(all without flash)

Katies Storm: a shimmery silvery but on my skin it has a greeny grey look to it.

Glam Girl: My favorite purple ever(it doesnt look that good in the photos but it is so bright and it has a very silky feel to it.

Mingles: i was a bit disapointed b/c its quite hard to work with(some mattes are) but the colour is so beautiful and bright.

Immature: shimmery bright green, it is gorgeous (and i dont even like greens)

Strawberry Cupcake: it is velvety soft.. its bright pink with a bit of orange to it... gorgeous!

Galaxy: its matte black with pink glitter in it(i think) but the glitter doesnt show up on my skin but it goes on so smooth (so i still love it).

Ladies Night: matte black with aqua glitter, the glitter shows up but not as much as i wish it did..

Eye Lights(glitter)

Hollywood: holographic glitter( like a disco ball)

Rave: purple glittery glitter (loves it!!)

Thanks guys hope you liked it. xx

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