Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So its been like four months since my last post so I thought I'd do a helpful post with lipstick swatches b/c I know when your shopping on-line for lipsticks (especially NYX) you really do need some (good) swatches to look at. I don't want to confuse anyone so I decided it would be best to take the photos in natural light b/c that is when they look closest to real life. And also I'm super pale (NW15) So if you have darker skin than me you're most likely to suit a nude colour that looks too dark for me =) I also just want explain how I have swatched them so there is no confusion. I use NO lip liner. I apply one coat, blot then apply a second coat and blot again(I do this will all the lipsticks)  Here we go!

Orange Soda



Seductive(Black Label)




Snow White

Saint Germain

show Orchid

Ever Hip

Petals & Peacocks



Napoleon Perdis


Dusty Rose 245
hope you enjoyed

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review: Coastal Scents camo quads

I ordered two of the camo quads from Coastal Scents and I received them today.

I was umming and ahhing about getting these b/c they're so cheap & I thought anything that cheap would basically be crap. But thats kinda the same reason I bought them b/c they're only $7.95 each so if they are really bad I'll just keep them as back up concealers.
I'm glad to say that they're not going to sit in the back of my cupboard b/c they're amazing!

I also got a free sample of a really pretty eyeshadow.

Now for the the camo quads.
So this quad is perfect for any light skin tone. It comes with a a white colour so you can mix it with any of the other three colours to make the perfect match for your skin tone. The consistency of this is amazing its so creamy and blendable, it just blends right into your skin.

I really like this quad I've used the green and it conceals my red cheecks really well, I also used the the yellow in my huge gross blue bags, but for the purple and the blue I haven't used them yet and I'm not sure what to use them for =)
So there you have it, hope this was helpful and you enjoyed it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sugarpill Cosmetics review

Hi kiddies,,
So I went to my mailbox this morning to find a lovely package waiting for me. 
First off I was a bit hesitant at how big the package was only b/c I ordered two things and I thought they would be sliding around in there and no one wants that.
But its all good b/c she packed my items so well there was no way there would be any broken products.
 There was so much pink tissue paper in there I'm set for life.
The packaging the palette comes in is beautiful! I absolutely love the design and how much effort shes put into this. Everything looks so professional and detailed.

  I also got a few free goodies with my purchase, Shrinkles business card, Sugarpill business card & an uber glittery Sugarpill sticker!

 Now on to the eyeshadows,,,, so I got two palettes which all up includes all of the pressed eyeshadow colours except the black but I don't really need another black.
As you can see these two palettes are super bright and have some really gorgeous colours

MATTE: dollipop, tako, flamepoint, buttercupcake
SHIMMER: afterparty, midori, love+ poison plum

So I am definately going to purchase from her again,,, and when I do I'll post more swatches.
Hope you enjoyed! =)

Illamasqua Review

Wowzers it has been so long since I've posted!!
This is for JessikaMarie23 of youtube. =)

I got these four items from Illamasqua a while ago but its about time I posted something so I thoughtI would start with this
Overall Illamasqua is a pretty rad brand, good postage price (I cannot stand when the postage is hella expensive), good delivery time, fair product prices, great range, just really good overall.

So the whole reason I ordered off this site in the first place was b/c I was looking for an amazing liquid foundation that was full coverage, long lasting & the perfect colour.(2/3 isn't bad, right?) 
So the rich liquid foundation has amazing staying power & is definately full coverage but if your a special type of pale like me(not quite paper white but not quite normal person pale) then your either going to get a foundation thats a bit too dark or a bit too light. But if you're willing to buy both the pale skin tone foundation and the white foundation(to mix them) then do it b/c its totally worth it.

I love these lipsticks, they're matte, pigmented, not drying, long lasting & they don't taste bad if you accidently lick your lips whilst wearing them. I only purchased two of the colours.
CORRUPT:  hot pink
BRINK: bright peach
Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes swatches(shadows and glitters)

For christmas I got a couple more eyeshadows from Glamour Doll Eyes that only arrived a few days ago so i thought I would post swatches for them along with the swatches of the eyelights(glitters) that i own.  

With Flash

Without Flash

The shadows in their containers

Pinky Swear: beautiful darkish pink colour

Shaded Orchid:Dark purple, it has a golden shimmer on my skin

Electric Lemonade: gorgeous vibrant yellow with a nice sheen


Without Flash

In the container
DITZY: pink

RAVE: purple

HOLLYWOOD: silver with multicoloured reflects

GOODY BALM (lip balm)

LEG WARMERS: smells like bubble gum(purple)

LACE GLOVES: smells like coconut ice(yellow)

NEON LIGHTS: smells like peppermint(green)

hope you liked it(if anyone watched this)